An Average morning thought.

The morning Alarm rings.. and maybe your sleep is disturbed.. or .. Maybe you play the 5 min game for 30 min before you actually acknowledge that you are in the world of living..yet again.. yay! Or nay!?

For me, deciding between the two takes another 30 minutes. The first few steps to the balcony and the cold air slapping me actually when I wake up.. and God forbid.. if it’s stormy up there or pouring like your garden watering can .. if you a girl, you know the clogs just fired your pretty shoes for the day, ..

And Some people.. they “love” waking up in the morning.. I am kept intrigued.. on whether they are skilfully lying to themselves and making their self believe the lie or simply lying to make me.. want to worship them? Coz the truth is honestly unbelievable.

And no, don’t i’m-possible me.

I mean if you wake up early and are active. You get a lot of work done. Hand on the 💓.

But what actually makes you productive , just waking up early? If that was it, the rural India should have been a more productive place to live.. than it is today.

What I thinking, the magic ingredient is.. is what you tell yourself in the morning.. That matters.

On whether, you think of yesterday and start with a heavy heart.

Or think of how strong you are despite all and hope for some “co-incidental” magic .

Over thinking should be branded as one of the unofficial national past time of young millennials. We worry.

A lot.


Even about what to wear. Thanks to the trending media outlets subconsciously making you judge others ,and guilt tripping yourself.

Straight way. Over thinking isn’t gonna cut it. It’s like smoking.

People don’t actually like it. But it’s familiar. It’s comforting. It’s logical. Its stress reliving to your mind ..even if it isn’t.

Counter that overthinking with a clean slate in the morn.

Do me a favour.

Tonight, think of all the good things that happened to you today.. even the smallest things.. like someone giving you space to pass through..say an honest thank you to those people in your head.

And sleep.

Next morning.

Take a conscious step not to worry.

And think of the most beautiful thing you ever saw and tell yourself something nice.

And see the day change..

Let me know!!!

Lots of love to all those reading this!



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