Fear: Impulse or Obstacle?

Whenever I was afraid to go to my martial arts classes as a kid, my mom used to tell me not to be afraid. Said that , fear meant I wouldn’t dare to go beyond. That I wouldn’t try and then I wouldn’t know.

So ,I went. I guess I had FOMO. Another fear. Fear of missing out.

I didn’t think about the paradox much.

Untill, today, when I was re -re – re- well (I don’t remember how many re)- watching The Dark Knight Rises. I won’t waste time glorifying what is in itself a piece requiring no publicity.

But, If you haven’t seen it, it’s your loss.

Coz the producers already earned a billion (and counting) from it.😁

But it got me thinking, AGAIN.

This time around , about what the prison Dr said to Bruce Wayne-

“How can you move faster than possible, fight longer than possible without the most powerful impulse of the spirit: the fear of death”

Bruce- “I do fear death. I fear dying in here, while my city burns and there’s no one there to save it”

This iconic conversion taught me another thing today.

Everyone is afraid. There’s nothing to be ashamed of it.

But it is of two types , based on the two possible conclusions- whether it helps you grow(the good fear) or whether it tears you away, slowly with the aid of time.(the bad fear)

You see, batman wasn’t afraid of dying.. coz there was no purpose , nothing to lose. No motivation. Lack of fear made him weak.

But he was afraid of dying while something he loved withered away. His city. That fear made him stronger. Gave him desperation to succeed.

And he made the climb.

The intentions matter.

I din’t want to miss out the fun of complaining about the classes with my friends , I feared I would miss precious moments. Coz I loved them. I loved the experience.

Even if I hated the extreme physical pain.

Love always outweighs fear, when it matters.

Whenever, you are afraid to do something ever again.

Ask yourself, whether the fear helps you be better or not- if it’s a good fear or bad fear?

Coz the right way to go is to encourage the good fear and suppress the bad fear.

Next time, don’t procrastinate, don’t avoid going to the gym, coz there are things at the end of the tunnel that will make all the boredom and pain with it in the end. Don’t give the power to your bad fears . Take control.

Fear is universal . Necessary.

But whether it’s a necessary evil or the the necessary good, is decided by our perspective and vision.

Have a beautiful vision, guys!

Hope you have a productive day!

– the_borrowed_writer


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