Healthify time

We take health for granted, let’s just face it.  In an attempt to appease our ever evolving/ devolving palate, we search for newer products on the shelf..

Preferably Packaged. Even fruits are cut up packaged in styrofoam bowls and cellophaned shut. And that is our go to for fibre needs rather than some wholesome fruit from the farmers market?!  Like why??  It’s not only more expensive but has greater chances of contamination.

Beauty and sophistication matters so much more now, in every regards, so much so that, we don’t eat things that don’t look pretty anymore.

That zazzy packaging makes us buy that truckload of sugar and preservatives, and even if it doesn’t taste good, we gotta eat coz we spent money on it!  It’s like a vicious circle.

It’s easy. It’s pre made.  It’s convenient.

It gives us time to unwind from the regular stress of living.

But it makes us go in a sugar coma and we feel lethargic instead of energetic.

So, is the price worth it? Saving time and effort in exchange of reduced energy levels??!

Why not put our body needs before our palate wants??

Trust me, it will make a ton of difference. In your your body. In your happiness. It made to me.

Granted, initially, when I started my impulsive “no packaged food” Challenge back in July, I was like “what do I eat now? “.it was hard. Honestly, very hard not to buy the oreos or drink that coke when I was dying of thirst.

But, I made a choice, and stuck to it..  I reached out for the banana and plain water instead.

And even though I didn’t feel like, I tried to make it a habit. A month is up. I smashed the challenge.

And I can tell you the results are mind blowing.

For one, I feel real hunger now, like hunger pangs instead of my ever present bloating. I have a tummy that says give me food. I didn’t know eating when really hungry can give you a life altering sensation. It does. It’s as good as an orgasm.. Probably(?).

Second, I saved money!  Hell yeah!!!  I did. Fruits fill your stomach. Veggie salads. Oats. Nuts. Milk products. Cottage cheese. Yogurt.  You name it. You mix them. You smoothie. You bake. Do whatever you want with those foods. Trust me, they don’t taste as bad as I had imagined. They actually taste good.

Third, I have a predictable hunger and food cycle. My relationship with food is improving. I have always been an emotional eater. Sad?  Eat. Happy?  Eat. Angry?  Eat. Worried?  Eat.

Eating was my go to solution.

Not anymore.

If I Feel like eating??  I Drink water first.

Then i know, whether it was real hunger or assumed hunger. Eat only when hungry. Not because someone wants company. Order a low caffeine beverage instead of the calorie laden fried chicken and cheeseburger.

Take a spoon of food and savor it. Instead of stuffing it down your throat.

No one will take your food away. Time will run nonetheless.. Calm down, see, smell, enjoy the food. And eat like a goddamn king/queen.

Each meal is a celebration of being alive. Like a reward. So, receive it like one.

Fourth, eating clean motivated me to exercise. Its just 2 months. Not a gym person. I just started out with YouTube videos.. Researched on activities. Decided on freehand and cardio. No equipment, easy to do(or so I thought🤣). But I started. With 15-20 min long HIIT workouts followed by a 10 min targetted workout (eg- abs/ thighs/ back etc). Immediately after, I wanna die.. It’s true. I feel like jelly. And I wanna die.

But an hour after shower, I feel like I am ALEXANDER, the great. The accomplished feeling of doing something you know you weren’t able to.. Ahhhhh. Do it, guys, do it just to feel it.

30 min of high intensity exercises kick my butt like a lion would to a squirrel. But, so worth it.

I Maybe a masochist, maybe not.

But the benefits, undeniable.

I m on the upper side of normal BMI.

Absolutely unfit. Accumulated fat with love and care over the years.. That I am planning to shed, for the spandex covered mermaid bodies we see on the fitness experts(new goal alert!!!)

fingers are crossed.. On my left hand.

Anyways, as of yet, this is what I could gather. Planning to go back and incorporate a more sustainable food culture in my life.

And obviously, continue and tweak the home exercises I do.

Going to the drawing board mid August!

Wish me luck!

Will update the progress or regress?!

Let’s see.

Keep rocking this beautiful life your way!



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